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Olivia Art and Finishing is owned by Olivia and Miguel Quirarte, Professional Graphic Artist and decorative painter and faux-finisher with over 12 years experience in high-end work. We are very professional, very clean with a special adeptness at understanding colors and color matching. 

We have experience working with professional Interior Designers and homeowners alike, in all types of styles ranging from Chinoiserie, English, French, Italian and many more. It comes to our ability to create a custom finish for you. We apply our finishes  on furniture and also work on unique items like sculptures, frames, mirrors, lamps and much more.

Our Vision

Olivia Art and Finishing offers a wide range of high quality among a wide assortment of finish treatments.


Whether you can already envision exactly what you are looking for or need our help to guide you to find the right custom finish.

6231  S  Manhattan  PL  Unit - J    Los Angeles CA  90047     Tel. (310) 916-6679   Fax (310) 559-6394

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